Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Living Malaysian Hospitality : Eating, Breathing, Sleeping

Living Malaysian Hospitality : Eating, Breathing, Sleeping

Petikan dari hubungan antara MAS dan Malaysia Peacekeepers

Before that……

Negotiations for the flight began five weeks ago, after UN approval was obtained for Malaysia to send a contingent of our Peacekeepers to Beirut. Having agreed with the pricing and schedule, we sealed the contract, and I got the MasCharter team cracking getting all sorts of approvals necessary for the organization of the flight. A B747-400 with a capacity of 380 seats ( 9M-MPK) was identified for the non-stop 10 hour flight from Subang Air Force Base to Beirut. Armand (Charter Photo Journo) was assigned photo duties while Ariv ( part time Videographer and Military enthusiast) was appointed the video hack. A crew of 14 Stewardesses along with one Chief was selected, together with three pilots, one loadmaster and a travelling aircraft engineer. Weapons and munitions were packed in accordance to the UN/ICAO DG requirements, busses were booked to ferry the troops from the KUA base to SZB and overnight hotel were also arranged for them.

The week before, we ferried a batch of 88 peacekeepers on the scheduled MH flight, upgrading the A330 to B744 to accommodate the Military Cargo.

We also arranged catering and tenting facilities for the families to send off their loved ones. Having been told that DPM will be sending the troops off, VVIP catering was also organised. Our trusted caterer, LSG Skychef was roped in for this purpose.

Cargo loading commenced that Sunday evening with a convoy of Army trucks heading into the MAS cargo complex, dropping of the necessary equipment and rations. The aircraft was then flown to Subang from KLIA to depart at the stipulated hour................"